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Golf Tips and Lessons for Beginners

This page is for passionate enthusiastic people who would like to improve their golf. If you really want to be a good player of golf, you must be patient. In particular, you need to take the time to practice your golf and develop skills.

Golf is played all over the globe and its popularity is increasing day by day. Golf is played by more than 60 million people across all continents. It really is worthwhile taking the time to improve your golf.

We advise you to work upon these golf skills to improve your more

Online Golf Tips for the Beginner

Select the right clubs

Before you join a golf club, you must go to a proper golf shop and ask the vendor for advice on choosing your golf clubs. When choosing a club you need to check the club size, grip and try to swing each club.

Generate power in your shots with accuracy

In order to generate power while swinging the golf more

Top Guide to Improving Driving Accuracy

I have found the game to be, in all factualness, a universal language wherever I traveled at home or abroad.

    - Ben Hogan

This is what the game of golf is about: to improve your driving accuracy in the game of golf. It is important to follow these instructions to transform yourself from a beginner more

Golf Rules IV

In our previous post we wrote about the Rules of Golf: Part III. Here we continue that series.

The first thing when dealing with a water hazard is that you must be "virtually certain" that the ball is in the hazard. This is a very strong requirement, for instance, just seeing a splash may not be enough, because the ball may have skipped out of the water. Ideally, you or a reliable witness must see the ball enter the water, or you must be able to rule out all other options. If you cannot establish the ball is in the hazard, then you need to proceed more

Ten Useful Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Here are ten useful tips to improve your game in golf

1. Pre-shot routine

If you are new to golf, you will find that despite aiming at the desired target, the ball often goes in another direction. You know that hitting the ball accurately is a tough task. A pre-shot routine can make your game more more

Golf Rules: Part III

In our previous post we shared about the Rules of Golf: Part II. Here we continue that series.

We have simplified these rules of golf so that you can understand these rules in easily. Something to keep in mind is that the idea behind most of these rules is that you should be trying to be fair. For example, if a green keeper has carelessly left a wheel barrow on the course, and your golf ball ends up next to it, then it would seem the fair thing is to move the wheel barrow. Indeed, that is what the rules of golf more

Breaking a Tie

A common question is how to break a tie if two or more competitors have the same best score. The answer depends on the method of breaking ties that is announced by the competition organisers, so if you are concerned about a specific competition you should ask the organisers.

However a common method of breaking ties is to first compare scores on the last 9 holes, and if that does not break the tie, consider the last 6 holes, then the last 3 holes, and if that does not work, then do a hole by hole comparison, starting at the 18th hole. If this does not break the tie, then the two of them should either get married or resort to pistols at dawn.

Golf Etiquette

Golf etiquette rules play a vital role in helping you to become a better player of the game of golf. It is vital to understand and adhere to etiquette, which will also help you to comprehend the game in a clear way.

Here are some of the golf rules relating to golf etiquette that one must follow while being on the golf course.

1. We advise you do not to stand right behind the more

Golf Rules - Part II

In our previous post we shared about the Rules of Golf: Part I. Here we continue that series.

"The game of golf would lose a great deal if croquet mallets and billiard cues were allowed on the putting green" - Ernest Hemingway

Rule 16

Touching the line of putt

The line of putt must not be touched except to remove loose hindrances such as a fallen flagstick, sticks and leaves. In this official rule of golf the player can place the club in front of the ball and used to move away loose more

Golf Driving Tips to Hit the Perfect Shot

It is better to hit it straight and precisely, so landing on the fairway 150 yards away than to hit it 300 yards, slicing it into the trees.

In the game of golf “It’s the drive that sets up the hole”. If you are a beginner, you may not be able to drive accurately, or to drive the ball a long way. This could dishearten you, so you need to learn the right way to drive the golf more

How to Grip a Golf Club

‘Golf begins with a good grip’. In the game of golf to swing the ball with the golf club to perfection is the key to master the sport which is played all over the globe.

Before you swing the golf club, it is imperative to play with a set of clubs that is designed specifically to your physique and skill level. Go to a golf shop to find out what sort of clubs are best suited to for your game. Buy a set of these golf clubs and a suitable golf bag.

A golfer who has a good grip, will find that it will allow the clubface to become square to the ball target line at more

Rules of Golf: Part I

This post provides a brief introduction to the rules of golf and the benefits of adhering to these rules. An understanding of the rules is essential if you want to turn yourself from beginner to a good player.

Before you play the game of golf seriously, it is imperative to know the rules off the sport. Otherwise you can be embarrassed and cause offence to your playing more

Effective Ways to Swing a Golf Club

Jason Dufner, after his recent victory in the PGA Championship described his win, giving an insight to the sport, he said "I hit it a fairway or I did not"

To hit the ball a fairway, you need to know how to swing the ball with the golf club. As a golf enthusiast; you have been to a golf course and played this wonderful game on a few occasions with your friends. Now you want to swing the ball with perfection. We will advise you on the right ways to grip your club and improve your skills in swinging the ball more

Golf Club Distances

A golfer is only as good as their tools. As a golf enthusiast, you plan to spend time on the golf course but you will also need to practice, otherwise you might fail repeatedly. Before you had an inclination to play golf, you may be have thought, this is just a simple game and you would easily become a player. However, golf is one of the most complex of games, and there are many aspects with which you need to become familiar. For instance,if you don't know which golf club to use, you are not going to get very more



Most people who take up golf give up, either due to injury, the length of time a round takes, or playing a humiliating number of strokes on too many holes. This is unfortunate, because golf is there to be enjoyed, and it can be one of the most wonderful games to play.

A major reason why people give up is that the rules of golf are made for highly skilled players, not for beginners. At the Golf Mentor, we strongly believe that beginners need to play by an adapted set of rules, called the SnappyGolf™ rules. The official rules of golf are guided by a dour fairness. The SnappyGolf™ rules are guided by the sense that people should enjoy golf. The idea is to modify the rules that cause long delays in play or horror holes for beginners. You cannot use these rules if you are playing in official competition, but you can use them if you are playing with your friends, and that is what most beginners are doing. You can see the rules here or view some videos about the rules.

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Enjoyable Golfing!