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Top Pitching Tips

Start Simple with Pitching

Pitching is a a bit like putting, there is a certain element of mystery to it. At the end of the day, you are going to have to pitch from many different lies, from different distances, onto a green with uncertain properties, to a pin placement that can range from easy to impossible. This means that there is no single way to execute the pitch shot. However, it is best to start simple, first master the basic pitch, then work on your feel for distance, then work on developing the finer skills, such cut lobs.

Adjust the Ball to Perfect the Pitch

When you are pitching, you should not be just thinking about hitting the green, but getting close to the pin. Often you will want your pitch to run a bit further after it lands or to stop quickly. Precise control of the run allows you to land on the green and get close to the pin. If you move the ball slightly forward in your stance, this will make the pitch go higher and stop more quickly. Alternatively, move the ball back in your stance to get the pitch to go lower and run further. Do not try this out for the first time when you are playing. Practice moving the ball one or two ball-widths and see the result.

Hing, Turn, and Hold for better pitching

This golf pitching tip is a short, easy to watch video from Chris Toulson that is a good place to get started. I liked the mantra "Hinge Turn Hold" which is a useful way to remember the approach shown in the video. Chris Toulson advocates a steep attack angle and provides a good drill to help you work on getting the club head up quickly on the backswing. This approach can give good results, but uses a different take-away from your full swing.

Pitching Distances

Knowing how to control your pitching distances can take strokes off your game. Visit our tips for golf pitching distances.

Use Your Imagination

Once you have mastered the mechanics of the pitch shot, you need to work on your imagination. Go to a green that has has a complex surface (varying gradients), and hit to different imagined pin positions. Try to get a sense as to how the ball will roll with different gradients and so learn how to judge a pitch shot that will go close to the green, even on a complex surface.

Setting Up and Executing Golf Pitch and Chip Shots

This blog post fromm the Golf Genie Blog contains a good summary of how to execute a pitch shot. Visit this site if you want a quick reminder, especially if you use the hours of the clock method of controlling your distance. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to vary your swing speed, just the size of the back-swing. Many instructors believe that this method is more precise than an intuitive use of swing speed. The blog is brought to you by the Golf Genie, which offers printed golf guides that fit into your pocket.

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