Golf Rules - Part II

This is the second part in our series about the rules of golf. Here we are going to concentrate on the putting green.

"The game of golf would lose a great deal if croquet mallets and billiard cues were allowed on the putting green" - Ernest Hemingway

Rule 16

Touching the line of putt

The line of putt must not be touched except to remove loose hindrances such as a fallen flagstick, sticks and leaves. In this official rule of golf the player can place the club in front of the ball and used to move away loose hindrances.

A ball on the putting green may be lifted and cleaned, but one needs to take care of lifting the golf ball and cleaning it. Before you pick up the golf ball, mark the position of the ball and replace the ball as soon as it’s been picked and cleaned. You should repair plug holes, and any other damage to putting green caused by the impact of the golf ball. This is irrespective of whether your final ball position is on or off the putting green.

A player can test the surface of any putting green unless the committee has prohibited the player from taking this action.

The player must not make a stroke while another golf ball is in motion while the player is on the putting green

Golf Ball Overhanging.

Sometime a putt will end up with the ball just hanging on the edge of the hole, a real cliff hanger! The player is given time to reach the hole without any delay and to wait an additional time of 10 seconds for the ball to fall into the hole. If still the golf ball is not fallen, then an additional stroke is needed to hole it.

Rule 17

Hold the flagstick

This official rule of golf, deals with aspects of the flagstick. First before striking the golf ball, the players can authorize other players or caddie to attend or hold the flagstick before making the stroke. If you are attending the flag, then you hold the flag still while the player is making their stroke, but then take it out before the ball nears the hole. If the player is off the green, then they can leave the pin in the hole, ask it to be attended, or have it removed completely. You should take your role as an attendant seriously, if you deliberately fail to remove the flag or get in the way of the ball, then you will suffer two stroke penalty. Sometimes, if you are off the green, and the flagstick is in the hole and your golf ball can end up being caught between the flag and the hole. In this case smoothly remove the flag. If the ball falls in the hole as the flag is taken out, then you are considered to have holed out!

When putting on the green, then you must ask for the flag to be attended or taken out of the way entirely. If you fail to do this and hit the flag, then there will be a two stroke penalty, even if the ball goes in the hole.

Rule 18

Related to the golf ball

This rule of golf deals with the case of a golf ball being moved by an outside element like wind or bird etc, while it is still. There is no penalty, but the ball must be reinstated to its original position. On the other hand if a player or their caddie moves the golf ball then he or she incurs a one stroke penalty. A still golf ball is struck by another ball needs to be replaced, but there is no penalty.

Rule 19

The Golf Ball

This official rule of golf deals with the moving golf ball. If the player’s ball gets deflected while it is moving by some outside agency, such as the wind or a spectator, the ball must be played as it lies but there is no penalty. If the golf ball gets deflected accidently by the player or his partner or their caddie, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke.

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