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Top Tips Pages

In order to assist our readers to find the very best in golf resources on the internet, the Golf Mentor reviews golf tips on key aspects of the game.

On the web there are literally tens of thousands of site giving tips to golfers. Much of this information is of little assistance to the average golfer and can even be confusing. Part of this is that each golfers swing problems are unique. It is also the case that the type of tip you need varies at different stages of your golf development.

At the Golf Mentor, we focus on tips that either give basic instruction to beginners or tips that are useful, no matter what swing problems a golfer might have. For instance, a tip to cure a slice is very specific to a certain set of problems a golfer might have. On the other hand a tip to hit to the left of the fairway if you are a right hander with a consistent slice is helpful, no matter what the cause of the slice.

If you would like to suggest a tip for inclusion in these reviews, please contact us.