Golf Handicap Calculator

Just enter the scores in Free online Golf Handicap Calculator System and find out your Mentor Handicap. The Mentor Handicap is designed for beginner golfers. It can go up to 99 irregardless of gender. It also provides a better indication of your progress compared to conventional handicap. A Mentor Handicap cannot be used in an official golf competition bt can be used in matches with your friends.

Please enter the score and slope rating for up to 10 games. Enter your game score as strokes over par. For example, if you had a total number of strokes of 80 on a par 72 course, then your score is 8 over par. For best results enter scores from the same course.

Game Number Score Slope Index

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  • How does the Mentor Handicap Work? The Mentor handicap (or Mcap) is designed to be used by players who are improving at golf and wish to track their progress. The Mentor handicap also goes up to 99 and only needs three games to get a handicap.

  • What is Mcap? The Mentor Handicap is often referred to as a Mcap

  • Why is a Mentor Handicap better than an official handicap for me? Official handicaps are not designed to help people learning golf. They are designed to be used by very competent golfers in competitions. This why the highest is 54. In contrast, a Mcap goes up to 99, so accommodates a much greater range of golfing skill. The Mentor handicap uses Simple Stroke Control rather than net double bogey and only requires entry of the final strokes above par rather than needing to enter every hole.

  • What is Simple Stroke Control? Simple Stroke Control or (SSC) is a way of avoiding a bad hole ruining your handicap. It means that if the maximum score you can have on any hole is 3 over par. We suggest that if you do have more than 3 over par on any hole, you just pick your ball and record a 3 over par. This speeds up play.

  • Why can't I post my results hole by hole? The handicap tracker for the Golf Mentor has been designed to be easy as possible to use. When you use the Mentor handicap, we advise using Simple Stroke Control when you play. Note that the Mentor handicap is not an official handicap.

  • Can I use the Mentor handicap in official competitions Most national golfing organisations, include the USGA, insist that in order to have a handicap you need to belong to a participating club. Accordingly, it is not possible to have a purely on-line official handicap, so you cannot use the Mentor handicap in official competitions. However, the Mentor handicap gives you a strong indication of how much you are improving, and can be used by members of the Golf Mentor when playing each other. The Mentor handicap method is different from the World Handicap System.

  • What is a Conventional Handicap? A conventional handicap is the type used in club competitions. Many countries around the world now conform to the World Handicapping System. In these countries, you use the same handicap no matter which course you play on.

  • Do I need the Slope Rating?. If you know the Slope Rating of the set of tees on the course that you are playing at then you should enter it. If you do not know the slope then just leave that input, and it will be entered as as the default slope rating of 113.

  • How do I post a Par round? Calculate your strokes over par, and enter it in the Score box. For example, if your playing handicap was 20 and your score was plus 3, then enter 23 into the Score box.

  • How do I post a Stableford round? Calculate your strokes over par, and enter it in the Score box. For example, if your playing handicap was 20 and your score was 39 points, then enter 17 into the Score box.

  • How biased is the conventional handicapping system? Very biased! If you look at this page, on the Pope of Slope website, it is biased as much as one stroked for every six strokes difference in handicap. The Pope of Slope is Dean Knuth, the originator of the slope system. This analysis was produced for the old USGA handicapping system, but the new World Handicapping System is still biased against higher handicappers.

A handicap calculator allows you to quickly estimate your golfing handicap. A handicap tracker also uses a golf handicap formula, but stores all your scores so you can track your handicap over time. This page if a simple handicap calculator. You can learn about our handicap tracker here.