Effective Ways to Swing a Golf Club

Jason Dufner, after his recent victory in the PGA Championship described his win, giving an insight to the sport, he said "I hit it a fairway or I did not"

To hit the ball a fairway, you need to know how to swing the ball with the golf club. As a golf enthusiast; you have been to a golf course and played this wonderful game on a few occasions with your friends. Now you want to swing the ball with perfection. We will advise you on the right ways to grip your club and improve your skills in swinging the ball.

Decide the right golf club to swing the ball

It is imperative to play with a set of clubs that is designed specifically to your physique and skill level. Go to a good golf shop to find out what sort of clubs are best suited to your game. Collect those clubs in your golf bag. Golf clubs are designed according to the size of the player, their strength, swing speed and playing ability. This means the right set of clubs can have a big impact on your game, particularly when your swing becomes more consistent. Choose a set of clubs that suits your requirements, has a good grip on and you can swing comfortably. Remember to keep the height of the club from the ground in mind. Practice with the club several times with the right posture mentioned below.

Learn to stand in the right position while you swing a golf club

The perfect golf swing is something that most people are not able pull off, no matter how much they put into practice. Too many people make it too complicated.

Make sure that you are able to put together a great swing that makes a whole lot of sense to your mind and body. A few things that you need to do is keep in mind, before you start to swing the golf ball are pointed thumbs, interlocked hands, foot distance and weight distribution.

Stand with your spine in a neutral position and bend your hips with feet away from each other, then rotate the torso on the back, swing and "set" the lead wrist fully before you reach the top, while swinging down, "haul" the head of the club, allowing a 90 degree forearm/shaft angle to unwind through the air through the impact area. Make sure to have the shaft leaning forward toward the mark at the moment of impact, this will help you to keep the face of the club face square at impact, an important factor in directional control.

Know how to control the club face while swinging the golf club

Swinging the club in a precise way, not only takes a lot of practice, you should do basic physical exercises before you start golf practice.

Golfers suffer from back, neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain while playing golf. To improve mobility and muscle balance, simple stretching exercises need to be performed. Good postural control, spinal mobility and muscle balance will help you get club control. While swinging the club focus on the shot at hand and how you envision the ball flying through the air and landing on the ground.

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