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Top 5 Golf Swing Tips

Drill your Swing into Muscle Memory

Learning a motor skill requires not only repetition but also reinforcement. You are much better practicing your swing for ten minutes a day than the occasional long session at the practice range. If you have a roomy back yard, set up a practice facility using wiffle balls that allows you to practice your swing every day for ten to fifteen minutes. If you do not have room to do this, at least find a place to do a drill ten or twenty times each day. As long as you are practicing the right swing, you will be surprised how much this regular reinforcement can help your game. If you join the Golf Mentor, you can plan and keep track of your practice sessions, making it more likely you will keep doing them. Read out some of the top 5 golf swing tips and improve your swing!

Concentrate on the Back Swing

It is important to realize that the swing is divided into two parts, the back swing and the down swing. The back swing is executed slow enough that you can consciously monitor the different aspects of it. In other words, by using concentration, you can introduce the back swing into muscle memory much quicker than 10,000 swings, because you can consciously guide the path that it takes. Once the downswing starts, you can no longer use conscious feedback, because it is too fast. The good news is that if you get the back swing right, then it is much more likely the downswing will be correct. So our tip, is to concentrate on the back swing, before you worry too much about the downswing.

How to Perform the Perfect Golf Swing from Videojug

If you only want to spend eight minutes watching a video on how to do a full golf swing, then this is the video for you. What is more it is free, although you do have to wait for an advertisement before the actual video starts. The instructor takes you through all the obvious checkpoints, from aligning the club to the rotation of the body. The video is clear and easy to watch. The swing being taught is not perfect, there is no such thing as the perfect swing, but it is simple. And KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the mantra of any good instructor. The only warning note is that putting the swing into muscle memory is far more difficult than watching the video. Down below we give some tips on how to make the most of resources like this.

Just a Basic Easy Golf Swing! from 1st Beginners Golf Swing Tips

This is web site is worth visiting, especially if you prefer to learn just a basic easy golf swing by reading rather than looking at videos. It is a clear presentation of a straight forward approach to swinging the golf club. It is useful as a standalone resource, or could help you to understand some of the video instruction material. The material is presented in an interesting way, and some of it shows considerable insight. For instance, in describing the final position of the back swing, it states "As long as you don’t bend the left arm more than slightly, these positions will be determined by how far you can turn your upper body." Well said. The tutorial also includes a description of the crossed arm drill, which can be very useful.

Learn how to draw and fade the ball

You have seen the top professionals hitting spectacular draw or fades, impossibly curving their ball around an obstacle. This is dramatic ... and hard to do. However, there is a much easier use of a draw and fade. If you are hitting onto a fairway that slopes left to right, then if you put a slight draw on the ball, it is much less likely to run down the slope into the rough. Similarly you can fade on a fairway that slopes right to left. On a hilly course, this can save you quite a few strokes. There is a simple way to hit a fade or a draw. Just aim your feet in the direction that you want the ball to start and aim the club face in the direction you want the shot to end up. Then just hit the ball in the normal way. This will work with both fades and draws, just aim your feet and club in the correct direction. To aim the club face, you need to rotate the club in hand, do not just turn the club with your wrists. First try this at the practice range and get a feel for how it works for you.

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