Golf Etiquette Rules

Golf etiquette rules play a vital role in helping you to become a better player of the game of golf. It is important to understand and adhere to etiquette, which will also help you to comprehend the game in a clear way.

Here are some of the golf rules relating to golf etiquette that you should follow while being on the golf course.

  1. We advise you do not to stand right behind the players while they are taking a stroke as this is against golf etiquette rule. Walk in a calm manner while you’re on the golf course.

  2. Check the scorecard to be aware of the local rules. Although all golf clubs adhere to a common set of rules, each club can also make its own local rules, which are often written on the scorecard. While playing golf, effective golf etiquette is to make sure to mark your ball with a bold marker and inform other players about the type, number of the ball you are using on the golf course. This will also help you to avoid losing your ball.

  3. Do not cough or talk incessantly to disturb the game of other players. Make sure that your mobile is on silent mode, indeed it is advised to leave your mobiles outside the premises of the golf course .Concentrate on your game.

  4. Make other players aware of your next playing shot and only after they get out of the range then you can smack the golf ball

  5. Make sure you walk reasonably fast between shots to keep up with other players. When you reach the ball, you must visualize your shot and the manner you will swing your club and then swing the club. Only have one practice swing.

  6. On the green don’t step on other players putting area, which is the imaginary line which will take the ball into the hole. If your ball enters a player’s line you should volunteer to mark the ball.

  7. Make sure that you mark the ball with a solid marker. After you’ve marked it , place your putter down with the heel of it touching the marker to tap it firmly into the ground.

  8. At all costs, avoid slow play. Play with inexpensive balls, so you do not spend more than a few minutes looking for the ball. Pick up the ball after you reach ten strokes on a hole. If you are not playing competition, hit a lost ball from where you think it was lost, with a penalty of one stroke. Hit when you are ready and it is safe to hit. Line up your putts while your partners are putting. Taking these steps can cut your round by almost an hour.

  9. Smooth the sand bunker after you have played a shot, making sure you clear the footprints. Make sure to leave the rake facing down to avoid injury for other players. If two of you are in the bunker, and you are the second person to play, offer to rake the bunker for both of you.

  10. Replace divots that you have created while playing stokes. You may be confused about the word “divots”. Divots are when your club removes of chunks of grass while you play your shots.

  11. One of the things you must remember, before you head towards the next hole do not forget to place the flag.

  12. After everyone has putted out make sure you immediately move for the next tee. Do not mark your card till you have cleared the green.

  13. Out of respect to the other players, always dress well when you play golf. Wear a polo necked shirt, respectable pants, shoes and socks. Do not wear tee shirts, jeans or very short shorts. It is safer to play with golf shoes. Some clubs have strict dress codes, so check the web site before you go to a club for the first time.

  14. When driving a golf cart, as far as possible, keep to the cart pathways. Do not drive dangerously, you can tip over a cart and hurt yourself. Always make sure your partner is fully in the cart before you drive off. Do not leave the cart in a place that interferes with other players. All clubs that hire carts have strict rules about their use, so read these carefully.

  15. The last golf etiquette rule. At the end the last hole have a good hand shake with other players on the ground. Remember to enjoy the game with your fellow players and make sure they enjoy playing with you.

You need to know and be acquainted with these golf etiquette rules and implement them on the field. These rules are important to for you as a beginner. Enjoy this wonderful game with the played with the correct etiquette on the golf course with your friends and family members.

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