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Pete Styles is Director of Golf and a PGA Qualified Golf Teaching Professional based at Trafford Golf Centre next to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. He is also the creator of Pete has a passion for helping golfers to achieve their goals, and play the golf of their dreams. Mr Styles is a guest instructor at the Golf Mentor. Here is an excellent series of videos from Pete, showing the seven steps to good golf swing. To see more tips from Pete click here.

Step 1: The One Piece Takeaway

If you are a beginner at golf or want to improve, then then you have landed on the right fairway. The Golf Mentor has a unique, scientifically designed challenge system. This is an enjoyable way to guide you through the skills needed to play golf well. Once you have three stars, you can call yourself a golfer, with six stars, you should be able to break 100, and if you obtain 9 stars, you can take on breaking 80. Play the video to see more. There is also a free handicap tracker and online golf handicap. Why not improve your golf now, just click here to try it for free, no credit card required.


  • You can learn more quickly with less effort.

  • You can set goals, so ensuring your learning will be guided by a clear aim.

  • You can have a online handicap that goes up to 99 over par, so it is useful even if you are a beginner.

  • You can post practice sessions and games in order to capture key aspects of what you are learning.

  • You can take a set of scientifically designed challenges, that cover the full swing, approach shots, near the green, and putting.

  • You can analyze your game to identify strengths and weaknesses.