How to Grip a Golf Club

‘Golf begins with a good grip’. In the game of golf to swing the ball with the golf club to perfection is the key to master the sport which is played all over the globe.

Before you swing the golf club, it is imperative to play with a set of clubs that is designed specifically to your physique and skill level. Go to a golf shop to find out what sort of clubs are best suited to for your game. Buy a set of these golf clubs and a suitable golf bag.

A golfer who has a good grip, will find that it will allow the clubface to become square to the ball target line at impact. In otherwords, instead of having to adjust the club face at during the swing, a good grip allows the club face to automatically be in the right place at the right time. While you practice,see that your hands work together in one accord as a single unit concentrate on gripping the golf club in a proper way.

There are three ways to grip a golf club

The overlapping or the Vardon grip

The overlapping or the ‘Vardon grip’ where the little finger of the right hand rests on to the top of the right finger or in the small channel between the index and the second finger on the right hand .This is often regarded as a good starter grip for beginners and also recommended for ladies who have no strength on their grips

The interlocking grip

Another popular style of holding a golf club is known as interlocking grip. Interlocking grip is used by golf legends like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. The interlocking grip requires you to place your right little finger on top of your left index finger. Once done, your right hand will fit over your left thumb. If you have a large hand, you can even use the overlapping grip technique.

Some players use both overlapping and interlocking grip for gripping their hands on the golf club, depending on the cluby type. Interlocking grip is recommended for those golfers who have small hands.

The baseball grip

With all grips, you should hold the club firmly but not too tightly. If you hold your club too tightly it will restrict your swing . A firm grip involves all the ten fingers to grip the golf club. The Baseball grip is a way how a player clamps the club in a basic manner.

There are some basics to the baseball grip that are fundamental to remember. You must use a left hand finger grip with the shaft running from near the index finger, top joint down into the base of the little finger so that when the hand is closed over the grip, the shaft is held securely in the fingers at one end and the butt end is firm and squeezed under the heel pad of the left hand.


Gripping the club correctly makes it much easier to hit the ball well. If you are starting out, then you might like to experiment with the different grips and find which one is right for you. The base ball grip is the easiest of the above mentioned ways to grip a golf club with includes all the fingers..


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