Top Exercises Tips

Exercise Carefully

The Mentor strongly encourages players who are new to golf to consult with their physician to identify any health issues, and consult with a professional physiotherapist or yoga teacher to develop a professionally designed program to ensure you have the physical preparation to learn and play golf without injury. Golf is for life, so a small investment at the beginning of your golf "career" makes it more likely that you can enjoy golf well into your eighties.

Stretching Exercises for Golf Back Pain

Mike Pederson describes two simple exercises that can assist to avoid back pain and could be part of a program to recover from back pain. The first is a seated twist that can loosen the back and has the potential to improve your backswing through the range of motion. The second is a seated hamstring stretch, which loosens up those hamstrings, with similar benefits to the seated twist.

Yoga for Golfers

In this article, Claire Petretti describes three straightforward yoga stretches that have specific benefit for golfers. Her instructions are clear and accompanied by useful photographs. Yoga is not only an regime for the body but also for the mind. Accordingly, a serious yoga practice can not only prepare you for the physical side of golf but help you with the mental game. If this article catches your interest, the next step would be to find a good yoga teacher in your local area.

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