Golf for Beginners

How to Learn Golf

Learning golf is hard, particularly if you are coming to golf later in life. In order to improve as a mature adult, it helps to have a good teacher. However, unless you are prepared to pay that teacher to be with you every time you are on the practice range or playing golf, then you need more. What you need is mentoring system, that can guide you through the skills you need to be a competent golfer. The Golf Mentor is the ultimate training aid, as it provides you with guidance and tools you need to improve at golf.

Skills Training

Golf requires the ability to hit drives, long irons and woods to the fairway, approach shots to the green, pitch shots, chip shots, bunker shots, and putts. The Golf Mentor has a series of challenges that guide you through these skills in an enjoyable way.


The Golf Mentor helps you set realistic goals and to focus on the right aspects of your game at the right time. It then provides with you with regular feedback as to how you are going against these goals. This includes weekly updates on your progress


The Golf Mentor has two different ways of diagnosing your golf swing, so giving you important feedback on what you should be concentrating on.

A Handicap

The most recognised way of measuring golf progress is with your handicap. The problem is that most handicap systems do not start until 36 strokes over par (or 45 strokes for women). This means that the handicap is not appropriate for most beginners. The Golf Mentor's handicapping system goes up to 99 strokes over par!

Much More

The Golf Mentor is the ultimate golf training aid. We do not offer a cheap plastic swing trainer, but we do have many, many useful features.