Ten Useful Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

The game of golf is one of the most played games in the world, indeed it is played by more than 60 million people worldwide. Golf is an enjoyable and wonderful game. To master and improve your golf, you need proper advice and guidance to become a good player.

Here are ten useful tips to improve your game in golf

1. Pre-shot routine

If you are new to golf, you will find that despite aiming at the desired target, the ball often goes in another direction. You know that hitting the ball accurately is a tough task. A pre-shot routine can make your game more consistent. It can help to concentrate your mind and also to rehearse the swing that you are going to do. Only start your pre-shot routine when you have selected your club and the type of shot you are going to do. Once you start your pre-shot routine you should remain calm and think of nothing else but the successful execution of the shot.

1. Grip the golf club

Before you start driving the golf ball, make sure you grip the golf club using a proper grip. Select the golf club which is the right distance. To improve your golf game, you can use a glove to enable a good grip.

Secondly it is important to maintain your body posture right. As you get tired or stressed, it is easy to slump into a poor posture. This is disastrous, because your posture provides the framework for your swing. If your posture is poor, it is like trying to shoot an arrow from a broken bow.

3. Clubface Control

Club face control is what separates a player from a beginner. Given the speed that the club moves, you cannot consciously control the club face on a full swing. Instead, you should set up the swing so that the club face is automatically brought to the right position by the centrifugal forces. To do this, you need to have the correct posture at set up, ensure that you are rolling your wrists through the shot, and that your wrists are relaxed so the centrifugal forces can takeover.

4. Maintain your balance

It is really important to maintain your balance through the swing. If you are losing balance, then it is very difficult to bring the club back down onto the ball, so you will hit some truly awful shots. When you are practicing, concentrate on developing good balance.

The only exception is if you are losing balance once you have hit the ball. This is still not a good thing, but is of lesser concern.

5. Try a full swing with half speed

To improve your golf and create accuracy in swinging the golf club, try practicing your swing at half speed which will give you a clearer picture of your stance and swing. This can really help to improve your golf game.

6. Smack it with power

Once you become confident with your swing, you need to develop greater power. Do not try to develop greater power by hitting harder with your arms. This will just drive the club off path with disastrous results. One simple way to develop more power is to turn your body faster on your downswing, but still keeping your arms and wrists relaxed.

7. Spend your time putting

Most beginners concentrate on their swing, but neglect their putting. Think about spending the majority of your practice time on putting to improve your golf. Most of us do not have the flexibility and agile body to swing like the best players of the world. You will be amazed how many strokes you can pick up if you become a much better putter.

8. Work on your fitness level

To improve your golf, one needs to keep exercising and working on your fitness levels for getting the desired results in swinging the golf club and improve upon your existing skills. This is particularly important as you get older, you need to counter the natural decline in strength and flexibility.

9. Try chipping

Chipping is usually ignored and could affect your game as most amateurs miss the green. To improve your chipping, try just working with three clubs. Use a sand or lob wedge when you want to lob onto the green and stop quickly. Use a pitching wedge when you want the ball to run a medium distance on the green and an eight iron when you want it to run a long way on the green.

10. Practice with a plan

Practice wisely with a plan to improve your golf. Start with stretching exercises for about five minutes. Do not use the same club each time you practice golf. Keep practicing pitch shots to various targets to learn the wedge distances. Above all, focus on one aspect of your game at a time. The Golf Mentor has a great learning system, that helps you to practice and play more effectively so you can improve more quickly. Right now there is a day free trial, so Join Now.

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