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Simplefied Rules

If you are just getting started in golf, here are some of the basic rules.

Golf is played on a course, and your goal is to get your ball from the tee (starting point) into the hole in as few strokes as possible. The total number of strokes you take to complete all holes defines your score.

Each golf course consists of 18 holes, with each hole having a "par". The "par" is the standard number of strokes an experienced golfer is expected to take to complete a hole. For example, a par-3 hole means it's expected to be completed in three strokes.

Rule one, play the ball as it lies. Never touch your golf ball unless you're on the tee, green, or allowed under a specific rule. This includes not moving any natural obstacles to improve your shot.

Rule two, you must not give advice to other players on how to play unless you are partners in a team format.

If your ball lands in a water hazard, you may take a penalty stroke and drop a new ball behind the hazard. Alternatively, you can try to play the ball as it lies in the hazard, but this is often difficult and risky.

On the green, you're allowed to mark, lift, clean, and replace your ball. Your goal on the green is to putt the ball into the hole.

Always remember, golf is not just about the rules, but also about etiquette. Respect the course, your fellow players, and the tradition of the game. If you have taken more than ten strokes on a hole, just pick the ball up and go to the next hole. Happy golfing!