Five Ways To Increase Golf Distance

Hitting the ball longer can make a big difference to your game. This not only reduces the number of strokes you need, it adds resiliency to your scores. If you make are mistake, you can use the extra distance to catch up. For example, suppose you are playing a par 4, which you need a driver and 3 wood to make the green. If you hit a poor drive that is just 30 yards less than your average drive, then you will need three shots to make the green. On the other hand, if you can make the green with a drive and then a 5 iron, then you can still make the green in two even if you lose 30 yards on the drive. Here are five easy ways to increase golf distance.

1. Love your 3 wood

Hitting a 3 wood off the deck can be difficult. There is simply no margin for error. First make sure that you have a 3 wood that is specifically designed for this job. Ask your teaching professional or your local golf shop to check your 3 wood is right for hitting off the fairway. Make sure it has the right loft for your swing, and that the shaft is as long as possible. Next, move the ball slightly back in your stance, just to give you an extra margin for error. Lastly, practice this shot, not just on the driving range mat, but off grass lies. Experiment with bad lies and work out how bad the lie has to be before you should put the 3 wood away.

2. Use the correct golf ball

The nature of your golf ball can make a big difference to your distance and control. If you are an average weekend golfer, you probably need a mid to low compression ball. If you are often hitting a big fade, then look into balls that have low side spin. Ask your teaching professional or your local golf shop for advice. If asking the golf shop, make sure they suggest more than one brand with a range of prices. Then question them hard to find out why you should not go for the lowest priced brand. Some good brands of balls are Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade and Srixon. The nice thing about this tip is that there is no need for practice.

3. Move your right foot out

This tip is so simple. If your right foot is perpendicular to the direction you want to hit towards, then just rotate your toes out from your body by about 30 degrees. In other words make sure you right foot is at pointing away from your body. If you are a left-handed golfer, then do this with your left foot. This is a natural way to lengthen your swing arc and increase golf distance. Try it at the practice range, but you should be able to get the hang of this quickly. Do not try to swing faster, just smoothly through the ball. Note that if you are doing an approach shot and need higher accuracy, rotate the right foot back to perpendicular for greater accuracy.

4. Increase your swing arc

This will take practice, but get into the habit of rotating until your back is facing the direction of the ball (or as much as possible). Go gently with this one so you do not injure your back. Swinging in a greater arc increases swing speed so boosts your distance. It is important that you move body through on the downswing. This tip definitely needs practice and you should take a lesson on it with your teaching professional.

5. Buy a new driver

There have been amazing advances in driver technology over the past 15 years. Modern drivers allow golfers of all abilities to hit further and make less mistakes. Talk to your teaching professional or local golf shop to find the right driver for you. Just the same as buying golf balls, insist that the golf shop gives you some different options at different price points. Try each of them, ideally at a practice range where you can compare results. Bargain hard, force the golf shop to justify choosing any other than the lowest priced driver. Some good brands of clubs are Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno and Nike.

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