Top Guide to Improving Driving Accuracy

I have found the game to be, in all factualness, a universal language wherever I traveled at home or abroad.

- Ben Hogan

This is what the game of golf is about: to improve your driving accuracy in the game of golf. It is important to follow these instructions to transform yourself from a beginner to player.

1. Get a proper golf equipment for yourself

There is no doubt that you need chose the right equipment for yourself before you start swinging the ball. The latest equipment and the right drivers are needed in improving your driving accuracy. Go and select the right golf clubs and bag pack, suited for your abilities and requirements.

2. Square your body

If you want to improve driving accuracy, square your body towards the targeted area. If you want to hit the ball with accuracy make sure your left shoulder faces the green or the desire area of the fairway, where you want the golf ball to land .Many players open their shoulders and that takes the ball a long way toward other direction

3. Use the driver

The driver is the longest equipment; so you will need to stand furthest from the golf ball when you tee off. Extend your arms while making contact, so you do not feel cramped while driving the ball. Try not to feel hurried while hitting, especially on the first drive of the day. Being relaxed will improve driving accuracy in golf.

4. Grip the golf club

Grip your golf club with the right pressure. Do not try to hold it too tight and in a rigid manner as it will be difficult to drive the golf club. Many golf players try to create distance by squeezing the club too hard, especially beginners. To grip the golf club, you need to use gloves which will make it easier to grip the club firmly and so to drive the golf ball accurately.

5. Develop your signature swing

For driving accuracy, you need to find your consistent signature swing. This does not have to be perfect, but one that you can easily repeat. For instance, if your drive has a draw, do not worry too much about that; just remember to compensate for it when you play by aiming to right of the fairway. Practice in a planned manner. Start with stretching exercises, especially of the back and the neck. Then you can practice some short iron shots to warm up and improve this aspect of your game. When you are warmed up, start on your driving. As without pain there is no gain, practice properly can turn you into a good player of the game.

These tips are a guide for you to improve your existing skills in driving the golf club. This a comprehensive guide for beginners and golf enthusiasts, who want to grow from amateurs to players, to improve their driving accuracy in the game of golf. Buying the right golf clubs is just half job done. You need to keep practicing at the practice range daily and in the right manner.

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