Learn How to Play Golf for Beginners

Golf is a precision game, played with the club and a ball. This game is played all over the globe and it is the only game where a standardized area is not required, so you can play in many spectacular locations. A beginner may be attracted to this game because they have visited a golf course with their friends, relatives or family. Sadly, after a few bad rounds, many lose interest in the game they once wanted to master.

Golf is a wonderful game and to understand every aspect of this game one needs the right kind of advice and as an amateur or beginner, you need to implement this knowledge in practice at the practice range.

Get started

Get started, get going! Join a decent golf course near your place. Find a golf course, where you can learn the basic lessons from certified teachers (e.g. PGA or WGTF) in golf. Initially it is better to join an easy course rather than a course designed for advanced players. We advise you to get individual lessons, where the golf professional will teach you the golf basics of gripping the club, stance, and body posture and swing dynamics.

Buy yourself good set of golf clubs

Whenever you go to a golf shop, do not just fill your golf bag with golf clubs. There are different golf club types used to hit the golf ball for the right distance. There are four types of golf clubs: putters, woods, irons and wedges. Choose your clubs wisely, pay attention to which kind to clubs is best suited for your game when you first start playing as beginner.

Golf course etiquettes and mannerisms

Golf is a classy game. Whenever you visit the golf course, just observe players around you as they show consideration towards other players. Ask for more information from seasoned experienced players, if you are not sure of the etiquette rules. Do not stand right behind a player or walk over other players putting lines.

Go and practice at driving range before you head to the golf course

Before you start practicing at the practice range, start with stretching exercises to avoid injury. Your aim should be to increase your confidence in the game and know the clubs drive distances and average club trajectory. Practice is essential to turn you into a competent player.

Understand different areas of the golf course

Understand the different areas in the golf course. The golf course consists of the tee box or teeing ground, fairway, green, fairway and green side bunkers and water bodies. Each area of the golf course needs a different stroke. Initially try to play some games at par 3 courses, which can be much more enjoyable than a full course when you are a beginner.

It is vital to work on your short game as well

Think about it, you can drive the golf ball on a fairway 200 yards but it will not help if you have no clue when you get to the green area. On an average, you will use your driver only 10-14 times depending on the layout the golf course. Beginners can use the putter at least 40 times in one round on a decent golf course, so you can see why you need to concentrate on your short game.

We hope these tips will prove to be a useful guide to improving your golf as a beginner, and you make the first vital steps to becoming a good golf player. Enjoy this wonderful game and develop a plan to improve your golf skills.

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