How to Instruct a Beginner to Play Golf

To teach beginners is a mammoth task, even for qualified golf instructors. Some professional PGA instructors do not want to teach golf lessons to beginners. However, sometimes you will need to teach others, for example your children, friends or partner. You may also find that you have a natural ability for this and many end up teaching many people. You need be a person who competent in the game as well as having a liking to work with beginners and understand their short comings. Above all you have to be patient. You need to develop routine for beginners, which will help them to practice and comprehend their skills in golf.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you teach golf to beginners.

How to swing

As a golf instructor, instruct the beginners how to hit off the tee. You need to teach amateurs to begin from the tee and build their skills in club swinging. Train your students with enough practice at the practice range. Teach them the right techniques to swing the golf ball in the desired direction. This is the basic foundation to improve their game in golf. Emphasize that it is more important to hit the ball straight than to hit it a long way.

Grip the golf club

Teach them about gripping the golf club in the proper manner. Advise them to use their money in a wise manner by buying used clubs for their game. If possible, personally select the clubs for them at a nearby golf shop. Give them a brief introduction to the different types of clubs used in the game of golf. Let them try out each club before they buy the golf equipment.

Golf Etiquettes Rules

As golf is a classy game, teach the amateurs the right etiquette, which will not just help them understand the tradition of this game but also develop their character to face life challenges. Acquaint them with etiquette rules in the game of golf , local rules of the golf course as well as standardized rules followed all over the globe. Once they have learnt the proper etiquettes of the game, it will be easier for you to teach golf to your students in a fast and smooth manner.

Teach them to chip and putt

Offer your expertise on how to play all eighteen holes, teach them putting and chipping skills, and for them to get out of any undesired situations like bunkers and water hazards . Include some golf course management strategies which will help your students grow from beginners to good amateur players. If you want to remain a respected instructor, you need to believe in the potential of the people you are teaching golf. If you are successful, you might even find that more beginners will be attracted to take golf lessons from you. You need to encourage students to be prudent and interested in improving their game.

Enjoy teaching beginners

Finally enjoy golf with beginners. You may develop a liking for teaching as a profession, spending your life teaching beginners the game of golf in the right way. Training them will bring you satisfaction as you see your students grow and improve. Who knows, one of your students might take the game as his or her career and becomes a legend in the game of golf. Imagine your pleasure to accept the credit for transforming their lives in golf. Hope these tips will change your views on how to instruct beginners and amateurs to the wonderful game of golf.

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