Golf Tips and Lessons for Beginners

This page is for passionate enthusiastic people who would like to improve their golf. If you really want to be a good player of golf, you must be patient. In particular, you need to take the time to practice your golf and develop skills.

Golf is played all over the globe and its popularity is increasing day by day. Golf is played by more than 60 million people across all continents. It really is worthwhile taking the time to improve your golf.

We advise you to work upon these golf skills to improve your golf.

1. Practice Putting drills

Do not let the fashionable golf carts or golf clubs fool you. Expensive equipment will not help you if you do not have the basics. Golf like any other game needs practice, especially your putting.

Line up facing a full length mirror, with your club close to the bottom of the mirror. Watching in the mirror, make sure that your trunk is not moving as you make a stroke, and you are maintaining the V of your arms. Then make sure your club is moving in a straight line along edge of the mirror.

Got to a putting green, and keep practicing till you can get 8 out of ten balls in the hole from six feet away.

Using some string, make a circle of about 3 feet in diameter on a practice putting green. Then from 20 feet away, putt 10 balls and try to get 8 or more in the circle.

2. Chipping and pitching

Keep practicing chipping and pitching. Do not just practice only driving when you go to the golf range. You should also practice your pitching and chipping. Practice these two golf game techniques, as they can help you get out of a lot of trouble when you actually play on a course.

3. Exercise daily

Golf requires you to exercise daily. Whenever you visit the practice range you must start with stretching exercises. Maintain your physique so as to swing the ball precisely and hit it a fairway.

4. Swinging

Before swinging with the golf club, ensure you are using a proper grip. A good grip helps the club head to come to the right position when you hit the ball. As a beginner you could start with the baseball grip, where all your finger grip the golf club. Make sure you set up position is correct, if you can get this right, then it is much easier to swing correctly.

As a beginner it is necessary for you to practice these drills like putting, chipping and pitching on a daily basis. It is better to practice for ten minutes a day than 70 minutes once a week. Practicing these drills on a daily basis will help you to improve steadily.

As an amateur enjoy this wonderful game and develop a plan to improve your golf skills. Why not join the Golf Mentor to help you to develop a plan and monitor your progress?

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