What you need
to improve at Golf

The AI Golf Mentor is powered by ChatGPT to guide you to be a better Golfer.

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Why You Improve Quicker

How to improve at Golf

Benefits of Using The Golf Mentor

  • For a limited time, there is a free 14 day trial of premium membership.

  • You can improve more quickly with less effort.

  • You can set goals, so ensuring you will be guided by a clear aim.

  • You can have a free online handicap that goes up to 99 over par, so it is useful even if you are a beginner.

  • You can post practice sessions and games in order to capture key aspects of what you are learning.

  • You can use the advanced mental game training, so improving your performance when playing.

  • You can take a set of scientifically designed challenges, that cover the full swing, approach shots, near the green, and putting.

  • You can analyze your game to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • It can make a huge difference to your game and it is fun to use.