The Golf Mentor can give you an report on your overall progress, like the example below:

Overall Progress

This report gives progress against your goals, which is a longer term analysis as it can cover a number of practice cycles. It analyses all posts made since your current goals were set on August 29, 2023. You are aiming to reach your targets by February 29, 2024.

Amount of Effort


When you set your goals, you had planned to have practiced for a total of 1185.8 hours by now. In fact you have practised for a total of 24.0 hours.

Improvement in Handicap


When you set your Goals, your handicap was 36 and you have a target of reaching a handicap of 23. Your current handicap is 27.0 and your best score to date has been 23. You have reached halfway to your target level. You had decided to reward yourself with A new driver when you reached halfway.

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