Golf Mentor Handicap Tracker

The Golf Mentor handicap tracker is a premium handicap tracker that is designed to be used by the large majority of golfers. Official handicaps are not designed for the average golfer. They are designed to be used by very competent golfers in competitions. This why the highest male handicap is 36 and the highest female handicap is 40.

The Golf Mentor handicap uses Simple Stroke Control rather than Equitable Stroke Control so is easier to use and only requires entry of the final score rather than needing to enter every hole.

The Golf Mentor Handicap Tracker also allows you to enter details of your practice sessions and lessons. This way you can keep track of all aspects of your game. If you are using the full Golf Golf Mentor learning system, then you are able to use all this information to monitor your progress and target your practice.

Using our handicap tracker, you can set up a virtual golf club, called an eClub. You can invite your friends to join the eClub. You can then share your results and handicaps with each other.

Golf Mentor Handicap Official Handicap
Maximum Handicap 99 54
Mininum Rounds 3 5
Need the Slope Rating No Yes
Ease of Use Easy Complex

Track your Scores

track handicap

The Golf Mentor handicap tracker keeps track of your scores, handicaps, and much more. Using it, you can nominate what was the weakest and strongest aspect of your round as well make detailed comments. If you do not have an official handicap, you can use the Mentor online golf handicap. The Mentor handicap goes up to 99 strokes over par, so it is perfect for beginners.