Public Goals

A key aspect of the Golf Mentor learning system is for members to nominate their goals. A goal can include

Members can keep their goals private or make them public. Members are encouraged to make their goals public, and to share them on social media. This increases the members commitment to goals and so increases the chances of achieving them.

Listed below are all the public goals of the members.

End Date Link
2014-01-08 robert anger
2014-07-08 Dino
2014-07-06 Kyle
2014-07-05 mick
2014-07-03 Paul ingram
2014-07-01 john
2014-06-30 Nico
2013-12-29 Abraham
2014-06-29 Steven
2014-06-29 tommy
2014-06-29 nat fuqua
2014-06-27 Cliff
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