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The Golf Mentor is the fun way to improve quickly by practicing and playing smarter. Much more than a set of videos, the Golf Mentor breaks up improving at golf into a series of small, easy-to-approach activities and provides the tools you need to guide and monitor your progress.

At The Golf Mentor we believe that a golf teaching professional can make a huge difference to how quickly you learn.

That is why we provide a special interface so your teacher can assist you, if you invite them.

The Golf Mentor comes with a free online golf handicap. At present, there is a free 10 day trial, no credit card needed.

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Why You Improve Quicker

How to improve at Golf

Benefits of Joining the Golf Mentor

  • For a limited time, there is a free 10 day trial of premium membership.

  • You can improve more quickly with less effort.

  • You can set goals, so ensuring you will be guided by a clear aim.

  • You can have a free online handicap that goes up to 99 over par, so it is useful even if you are a beginner.

  • You can post practice sessions and games in order to capture key aspects of what you are learning.

  • You can use the advanced mental game training, so improving your performance when playing.

  • You can continue to use the free handicap tracker and online handicap after the trial has ended

  • You can take a set of scientifically designed challenges, that cover the full swing, approach shots, near the green, and putting.

  • You can analyze your game to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • It can make a huge difference to your game and it is fun to use, so Join Now.

Ultimate Training Aid

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The Golf Mentor is the ultimate golf training aid. You can receive insightful reports on your game, set your goals for improvement, receive regular motivational emails, and much more. You can even reward yourself when you reach your targets. Free 10 Day Trial, no credit card needed.

Handicap Tracker

track handicap

The Golf Mentor handicap tracker keeps track of your scores and much more. Using it, you can nominate what was the weakest and strongest aspect of your round as well as make detailed comments. If you do not have an official handicap, you can use the Mentor handicap system.

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