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Should I Chip or Pitch?

In general, you should chip if you are only a few yards off the green, and you should pitch if you are further than this, but not far enough to do a full swing. However, there are many exceptions to this rule. You are much more likely to make a serious error with a pitch than a chip shot, so there are some circumstances where a chip is preferable. For example, if the grass is mown between you and the green, then seriously consider using a chip rather than a pitch, particularly if you do not feel confident about pitching.

Play It Safe when Chipping

Many golf chipping tips have a common theme of minimising the risk. Where possible, use the club which allows your ball to land on the green about three foot from the edge of the green and then run up to the hole. This way you are using the least amount of force needed to get it to the hole. This is much safer because if you make a mistake with the chip shot, there damage is far less than if you are using more force. For example, suppose you are just off the green and the hole is 30 feet away. You could using a lob wedge and hit it hard enough to carry 27 feet, landing in front of the hole. If you hit this shot badly, you could end up off the green and in the deep rough or bunker. Alternatively, you could use a pitching wedge and hit it to land a few feet from the edge of the green, so it rolls up to the hole. If you make a mistake with the pitching wedge, you are likely to still be on the green.

Maintain the V

If you want to chip well, then you need to keep the stroke as simple and repeatable as possible. You can do this by chipping in the same way you putt, maintaining the V shape of your arms and keeping your wrists quiet. Practice this in front of a mirror each day for a month. Concentrate on remembering the feel of the V movement so you can actually feel you are doing it right on the course.

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